Jeff Mezzrow and Friends is a new trio melding elements of R&B, Jazz, Soul and Rock. Mezzrow has come up with his own groove oriented guitar and vocal style. 

Jeff Mezzrow - Vocals and Guitar - From Chicago USA, Jeff moved to Berlin to play with the Blue Man Group. His bluesy rocking style comes through in the songs he composes. Mezzrow’s come up with his unique vocal and guitar style. As well as touring Europe extensively with his own group Mezz, Jeff’s played with Jimmy Somerville and The Drifters. 

Jan Burkamp - Drums and Vocals - Jan also plays with Jazzanova and The Blue Man Group. He has played with a variety of artists from Sophie Hunger to Fetsum and Fettes Brot. 

Thomas Stieger - Bass - Thomas has played with a wide variety of artists. To name a few: Gregory Porter to Sarah Connor to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Previous events

Date Event Location
Jeff Mezzrow and friends Ammerschlag, Tübingen Ammerschlag, Tübingen
Jeff Mezzrow and friends Bocksaal, Leutkirch Bocksaal, Leutkirch
Jeff Mezzrow and friends Adler, Meidelstetten Adler, Meidelstetten
Jeff Mezzrow and friends B-flat, Berlin B-flat, Berlin
Yorckshloesschen Yorckschloesschen, D-10965 Berlin–Kreuzberg Yorckschloesschen, D-10965 Berlin–Kreuzberg
B-flat B-flat , 10178 Berlin-Mitte B-flat , 10178 Berlin-Mitte
TSV Ballroom Ellwangen (D) Ellwangen (D)
Jonnys Lion-Cave Jonnys Lion-Cave, Trübbach (CH) Jonnys Lion-Cave, Trübbach (CH)
Palazzo Bowling & Beat Club Palazzo Bowling & Beat Club, Chur (CH) Palazzo Bowling & Beat Club, Chur (CH)
Mühle Mühle, Oberstdorf (D) Mühle, Oberstdorf (D)
Village Habach (D) Habach (D)
Adler Adler, Meidelstetten (D) Adler, Meidelstetten (D)
Riffelhof Burgrieden (D) Burgrieden (D)
Cafe Scheune Wredenhagen (D) Wredenhagen (D)
Bocksaal Bocksaal, Leutkirch (D) Bocksaal, Leutkirch (D)
Blues Rock Kneipe Linde Blues Rock Kneipe Linde, Weingarten (D) Blues Rock Kneipe Linde, Weingarten (D)